Thursday, March 31, 2011

One more try at blogging! + New Sunscreen

I've been so on and off with blogging (I've had other blogs before). I can never seem to keep up with it as much as I would like. April is starting tomorrow, and my goal for the month is to at least make 10 posts. I think part of the reason I'm not a very frequent blogger is that I don't have a very good quality camera. I have an "Okay" on, but I need a new memory card because all of mine are full U_U. Enough with the excuses, today's blog is going to be about a new sunscreen I bought yesterday. And here it is:

I'm aware that this is a "baby" sunscreen. One thing that I find interesting about the sunscreen industry (for lack of better words) is that they label sunscreens with "baby sunscreen," "sports sunscreen," "for face," "for body" when the all contain the same--or VERY similar--ingredients. It's a marketing technique. If you do a little research you'll find this too.

Anyways, this is Banana Boat Baby Tear Free SPF 50. This is the first sunscreen spray I have ever tried. What I like most about this sunscreen is that it is effortless to apply and you don't feel it on your skin at all. Also, it does not have Oxybenzone (a controversial chemical sunscreen ingredient)! Nearly all sunscreen sprays contain this ingredient which is the main reason why I've never had a spray before. I was in the market for a sunscreen for my body since I don't have one. The weather is getting quite warmer and the sun is staying out for a lot longer as the days go on. So in order to prevent sunburn and also to protect my skin and keep it in the best shape possible... I picked this up! ^_^

What are your favorite sunscreens for the body?

x Lauren

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